Covid19 Updates

AMG Solar Energy Experts offers contactless solar installation in 4 easy steps.
From quoting to grid connection, it’s all contactless.

Step 1. Quoting:

Once we receive your inquiry, our consultant will contact you via email and phone.

Step 2. Acceptance & Deposit:

You will receive an agreement via email which you can sign and send it back without printing.
AMG Solar Energy Experts  accepts deposits via bank transfer (EFT).

Step 3. Installation:

Our staff will get in touch with you for installation via email or phone.
And our installers will ensure during installation they maintain 1.5 meters of social distance.

Step 4. Inspection and Grid Connection:

An inspector will turn up to an appointment and check the system to ensure it’s safe to use.
And our staff will do the grid connection application post-inspection.

Congratulations you have now completed the solar process and you can start enjoying your savings.

For more details speak with our solar expert on
Call: 0409 246 538 from 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.